Tuxedosam's Shop

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A screenshot inside Tuxedosam's Shop.

Tuxedosam's Shop is a clothing store run by Tuxedosam in Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort. It is located in the Resort Plaza, near where the player spawns. Located inside are three mannequins, showcasing different clothing items. When talking to Tuxedosam, the player can purchase a variety of clothing — each day there will be a total of 4 items of clothing that the player can purchase.

Once the player has reached level 5 friendship with Tuxedosam and has completed the "Comic Relief" quest, they will unlock the Clothing Dye Station, located on the left side of the room. After completing the "Tuxedosam's Dye Upgrade" quest, the player can change the color of their clothing items.