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Birthday May 12
Likes Cloth Icon.webp TropicalIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp
Cloth, Tropical, Fancy
Relationships Pam.png Pam (younger brother)
Tam.png Tam (younger brother)
Location Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort

Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam his shop where you can buy Clothing, change your appearance, and eventually learn to Dye your clothing. He likes fabric, tropical, and fancy items.


"As a fan of sophisticated and modern styles, Tuxedosam has opened a clothing shop on the island—where he can tailor new clothes for all his friends. Eventually, he creates a dye station to change the colors of clothes, allowing for nearly endless options and the wardrobe of anyone’s dreams!" — Tuxedosam's character page on the official Hello Kitty Island Adventure website


The player can give Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam up to three gifts per day, which will raise his friendship with the player. Players will receive Thread.png Thread as a reward for each gift given to Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam. The amount received depends on the value of the gift and the closeness of the friendship.

If the player has reached maximum friendship level with Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam, they will receive his Character Gift Box Tuxedosam Gift Box.png for each gift given or quest completed.

See the Character Gift Guide for more information and recommended gifts.

Three Hearts

Friendship heart.png Friendship heart.png Friendship heart.png
Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Designer Island Doll.png Designer Island Doll Cloth_Icon.webp TropicalIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp Rare Crafting Sand_Dollar.png Sand Dollar (5)

Fabric.png Fabric (2)

Gift_Box.png Gift Box (1)

Two Hearts

Friendship heart.png Friendship heart.png
Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Tropical_Gift.png Tropical Gift FancyIcon.webp TropicalIcon.webp Uncommon Crafting Gift_Box.png Gift Box (1)

Sand_Dollar.png Sand Dollar (10)

Tropical_Material.png Tropical Material Cloth_Icon.webp TropicalIcon.webp Uncommon Crafting Flour.png Sand_Dollar (5)

Pineapple.png Feather (3)

Fabric.png Fabric (2)

Beignets_with_Pineapple_Dip.png Beignets with Pineapple Dip BakeryIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp TropicalIcon.webp Uncommon Oven Flour.png Flour (1)

Pineapple.png Pineapple (1)

Candy_Cloud.png Candy Cloud (1)

One Heart

Click any of the icons below to see one heart items for Tuxedosam-Icon.pngTuxedosam!

Cloth Icon.webp TropicalIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp


Friendship Rewards

Level Image Reward Reward Type Reward Text
1 Tuxedosam-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now New Friends with Tuxedosam!”
2 Magnet Icon.png Magnet Item “Tuxedosam gifts you a magnet.”
3 Crafting Plans Image.png Fabric (thread) Crafting Plans Crafting Plans “Tuxedosam gifts you the fabric (thread) crafting plans.”
4 Stamina Apple Slice.png Stamina Apple Slice Item “Tuxedosam gifts you a stamina apple slice!”
5 Tuxedosam-Quest Icon.png Unlock "Tuxedosam’s Dye Upgrade" Quest “Story Quest: Tuxedosam’s Dye Upgrade”
6 Icon avatar palette tuxedosam 1.png Tuxedosam Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
7 Tuxedosam-Fash1 Icon.png Fashionista Ability Level 1/Companion Ability/Companion “Tuxedosam can be your companion. Fashionista ability unlocked.”
8 Tuxedosam-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Good Friends with Tuxedosam!”
9 Tuxedosam-Fash2 Icon.png Fashionista Ability Level 2 Ability “Fashionista ability upgrade.”
10 Icon avatar palette tuxedosam 2.png Tuxedosam Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
11 Crafting Plans Image.png Spinip Alfredo Pizza Cooking Recipe Recipe “Tuxedosam gifts you the spinip alfredo pizza cooking recipe.”
12 Tuxedosam-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Close Friends with Tuxedosam!”
13 Tuxedosam-Ability Icon.png Negotiator Ability Ability “Negotiator ability unlocked.”
14 Tuxedosam-Fash3 Icon.png Fashionista Ability Level 3 Ability “Fashionista ability upgrade.”
15 Tuxedosam-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Best Friends with Tuxedosam!”


Daily Quests
Name Description Objective Reward
Careful Mending "Oh, dear. I have so much thread and so little fabric. However will I patch this hole?" Give Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam Fabric Fabric.png + Tuxedosam-Icon.png Friendship Points
New Fashions "What clothes do you feel like wearing today? I'd love to see you wear whatever makes you feel best." Change your outfit using the mirror Icon interaction changeclothing.png + Tuxedosam-Icon.png Friendship Points
Outfit Check "I really liked this outfit I'm wearing! Please, take a picture of me so I can post it on my wall for inspiration!" Take a selfie with Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam + Tuxedosam-Icon.png Friendship Points
Measuring Up "Let's double-check your measurements so I can make sure all the latest fashions and accessories will fit you. Just come over to the mirror." Change your outfit or avatar using the mirror Icon interaction changeclothing.png + Tuxedosam-Icon.png Friendship Points
Clever Designs "I thought I might try designing my own clothes, but I'm going to need an extra materials to start." Give Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam an item with the Cloth Icon.webp cloth tag + Tuxedosam-Icon.png Friendship Points
Inspiration "When I'm making clothes, I find inspiration all over the island! Will you give me an item you find inspiring?" Give Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam any item + Tuxedosam-Icon.png Friendship Points