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The Colorblaze tag (icon) Colorblaze Tag, which is shaped like a marigold, is for items obtained through the Colorblaze Carnival event.


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List of Items

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials Character Gifts Gift Value

(no Friendship heart.png bonus)

Marigold icon Marigold Colorblaze tag (icon) Flower tag (icon) Common N/A Wish me mell Icon.webp Wish me mell (Heart) 0
Troweled Marigold icon Marigold Colorblaze tag (icon) Flower tag (icon) Common N/A
Marigold Candle (icon) Marigold Candle FireIcon.webp Flower Icon.png Colorblaze Icon.png Rare Beeswax.png Beeswax (5)

Marigold.png Marigold (5)

Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko (Heart)

Wish me mell Icon.webp Wish me mell (HeartHeart)

Colorblaze_Blouse.png Colorblaze Blouse Colorblaze tag (icon) Legendary N/A
Colorblaze_Skirt.png Colorblaze Skirt Colorblaze tag (icon) Legendary N/A
Colorblaze_Draped_Outfit.png Colorblaze Draped Outfit Colorblaze tag (icon) Legendary N/A
Colorblaze_Dress.png Colorblaze Dress Colorblaze tag (icon) Legendary N/A
Colorblaze_Marigold_Tiara.png Colorblaze Marigold Tiara Colorblaze tag (icon) Legendary N/A
Colorblaze_Armchair.png Colorblaze Armchair Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Bed.png Colorblaze Bed Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Bookcase.png Colorblaze Bookcase Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Double_Bed.png Colorblaze Double Bed Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare Colorblaze Bed.png Colorblaze Bed (1)

Feather.png Feather (25)

Colorblaze_Coffee_Table.png Colorblaze Coffee Table Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Dining_Chair.png Colorblaze Dining Chair Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Dining_Table.png Colorblaze Dining Table Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Dresser.png Colorblaze Dresser Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Flooring.png Colorblaze Flooring Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Nightstand.png Colorblaze Nightstand Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Ottoman.png Colorblaze Ottoman Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Potted_Plant.png Colorblaze Potted Plant Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Side_Table.png Colorblaze Side Table Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Sofa.png Colorblaze Sofa Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A
Colorblaze_Wallpaper.png Colorblaze Wallpaper Colorblaze tag (icon) Rare N/A