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The Colorblaze Carnival is an Calendar Icon.png Event in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and the thirteenth event to occur in-game. It was preceded by the Happy Haven Days event and ran concurrently with the Springtime Celebration event. Unlike most events, this event could take place across any part of the map; the Colorblaze Challenges appeared anywhere from the Seaside Resort to Mount Hothead. It ran from March 25th, 2024, until the end of April 11th, 2024.

The event required the completion of certain introductory quests to begin. It could start the day after completing "Finding Flippers".

The Colorblaze Carnival will be available annually from March 25th to April 11th.


This event is to celebrate spring and colors just in time for Holi! Inspired by the vibrancy of spring flowers and colors on the island, Pochacco (icon) Pochacco decided to create special Colorblaze Challenge (icon) Colorblaze Challenges for the Carnival. There is also a special flower only grows in the wild during the Carnival, the Marigold (icon) marigold. According to the Colorblaze Carnival (Collection) Icon.png Collection Goals for the event, there are 20 types of items you can collect for this event.

Colorblaze Challenges

Map of Colorblaze Challenge locations

Every day, there will be a new Colorblaze Challenge (icon) Colorblaze Challenge somewhere on the map. Stepping on the button makes colorful marigolds appear, and they burst into a cloud of colorful dust when touched. All of the course’s marigolds must be popped to complete the course.

The reward for completing a course for the first time is a new piece of Colorblaze Furniture! The challenges only reward 1 of the area’s currency (for example, 1 Sand Dollar (icon) Sand Dollar in Seaside Resort) after the first win or to anyone assisting in multiplayer.

If needing to make up for missed days, the player is not limited to one course a day. Completing the currently available Colorblaze Course and refreshing the map (such as by changing maps by going into an area like the Crystal Caves or by exiting and reentering the game) should refresh what course is currently available until the player is caught up with the current day’s course.


Marigold (icon) Marigolds are flowers that grow in the wild during the Colorblaze Carnival. During the event, orange marigolds can randomly appear in any empty flower plot in any biome. The first flower plots are only available with access to Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow after the "Curious Caverns" quest.

Marigolds cannot be turned into seed packets by digging them up or by using the Seed Dispenser (icon) Seed Dispenser. However, they can be bred and can be moved around using the Trowel (icon) Trowel once they are grown. After the event ends, they can no longer be bred, but they will still be able to develop trim patterns. Their plucked flowers are giftable.

Colorblaze Carnival Exclusive Items


Image Name Source
Colorblaze Skirt (image) Colorblaze Skirt Colorblaze Carnival

Daily Reward (Day 2)

Colorblaze Blouse (image) Colorblaze Blouse Colorblaze Carnival

Daily Reward (Day 4)

Colorblaze Draped Outfit (image) Colorblaze Draped Outfit Colorblaze Carnival

Daily Reward (Day 6)

Colorblaze Dress (image) Colorblaze Dress Colorblaze Carnival

Daily Reward (Day 8)

Colorblaze Marigold Tiara (image) Colorblaze Marigold Tiara Colorblaze Carnival

Daily Reward (Day 12)

See "Colorblaze Carnival Outfit" for more information.


Image Name Tags Colorblaze Challenge Area Notes
Colorblaze Coffee Table.png Colorblaze Coffee Table Colorblaze Icon.png Table Icon.png Day 1 Seaside Resort In front of the Event Stand
Colorblaze Dining Table (image) Colorblaze Dining Table Colorblaze (icon) Table (icon) Day 2 Seaside Resort On the hill to the left of Seaside Resort Cabin 2
Colorblaze Dining Chair (image) Colorblaze Dining Chair Colorblaze (icon) Chair (icon) Day 3

Day 15

3: Seaside Resort

15: Hot Springs

3: Next to Resort Cabin 5

15: South of the mailbox

Colorblaze Dresser (image) Colorblaze Dresser Colorblaze (icon) Box (icon) Day 4 Seaside Resort Small island west of Seaside Resort Cabin 2
Colorblaze Potted Plant (image) Colorblaze Potted Plant Colorblaze (icon) Plant (icon) Day 5

Day 18

5: Gemstone Mountain

18: High Desert

5: In front of the Critical Climb puzzle room

18: High up and to the right of the Crystal Caves entrance nearest Gemstone Town

Colorblaze Sofa (image) Colorblaze Sofa Colorblaze (icon) Chair (icon) Day 6 Gemstone Mountain North of Sakura trees in the Oasis
Colorblaze Ottoman (image) Colorblaze Ottoman Colorblaze (icon) Chair (icon) Day 7 Spooky Swamp Near the ponds east of the Treasure Trove puzzle room
Colorblaze Armchair (image) Colorblaze Armchair Colorblaze (icon) Chair (icon) Day 8 Lilypad Lagoon Between the two southern lagoon ponds
Colorblaze Bed (image) Colorblaze Bed Colorblaze (icon) Pillow (icon) Day 9 Mount Hothead In front of Mount Hothead Cabin 3
Colorblaze Flooring (image) Colorblaze Flooring Colorblaze (icon) Flooring (icon) Day 10 Spooky Swamp Area between the Spooky Swamp and Gemstone Mountain
Colorblaze Nightstand (image) Colorblaze Nightstand Colorblaze (icon) Table (icon) Day 11

Day 17

11: Hopscotch Islands

17: Cozy Islands

11: On the path right of the mailbox

17: Below Seaside Resort Cabin 7

Colorblaze Side Table (image) Colorblaze Side Table Colorblaze (icon) Table (icon) Day 12

Day 16

12: Spooky Swamp

16: Gemstone Mountain

12: Beach path next to the (broken) bridge by the Mermaidifier

16: Near the Icy Peak Entrance mailbox

Colorblaze Wallpaper (image) Colorblaze Wallpaper Colorblaze (icon) Wallpaper (icon) Day 13 Rainbow Reef North of the Pirate Ship
Colorblaze Bookcase (image) Colorblaze Bookcase Colorblaze (icon) Bookcase (icon) Day 14 Nature Preserve South of the mailbox
Colorblaze Double Bed (image) Colorblaze Double Bed Colorblaze (icon) Pillow (icon) N/A
(shop item)
Dessert Boat Cost:

Colorblaze Bed.png Colorblaze Bed (1)

Feather.png Feather (25)

See "Colorblaze (Furniture)" for more information.

Colorblaze Carnival Daily Rewards

Title Start Date End Date
Colorblaze Carnival 3/25/2024 4/11/2024