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Birthday April 16
Likes FireIcon.webp MusicIcon.webp Metal~1 Icon.webp
Fire, Metal, Music
Location Mount_Hothead_Icon.png Mount Hothead

Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko wanders Mount Hothead searching for her Lost Luggage. She can get a little frustrated, but the volcano learns a thing or two from her explosive personality. It's time for a vacation.


"Retsuko is a single, 25 year-old red panda, who really needs a vacation. Despite her cute appearance, something deep within her is filled with rage. Even on a deserted island, it seems like she can’t escape her stressful job – can’t a girl get a break?" — Retsuko's character page on the official Hello Kitty Island Adventure website


The player can give Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko up to three gifts per day, which will raise her friendship with the player. Players will receive Dough.png Dough as a reward for each gift given to Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko. The amount received depends on the value of the gift and the closeness of the friendship.

If the player has reached maximum friendship level with Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko, they will receive her Character Gift Box Retsuko Box.png for each gift given or quest completed.

See the Character Gift Guide for more information and recommended gifts.

Three Hearts

Friendship heart.png Friendship heart.png Friendship heart.png
Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Volcanic Guitar.png Volcanic Guitar Metal~1_Icon.webp MusicIcon.webp FireIcon.webp Rare Crafting

Ingot.png Ingot (2)

Spark.png Spark (2)

Mechanism.png Mechanism (1)

Two Hearts

Friendship heart.png Friendship heart.png
Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Volcano Soundtrack.png Volcano Soundtrack MusicIcon.webp VolcanicIcon.webp FireIcon.webp Rare Crafting Mechanism.png Mechanism (1)

Toasted_Almond.png Toasted Almond (5)

Obsidian_Shard.png Obsidian Shard (5)

Sounds of Steel.png Sounds of Steel MusicIcon.webp Metal~1_Icon.webp Resilience_Icon.webp Rare Crafting Mechanism.png Mechanism (1)

Ingot.png Ingot (5)

Shiny.png Shiny (5)

Microphone icon Microphone Metal tag icon Music tag icon Uncommon Ingot.png Ingot (1)

Spark.png Spark (5)

Mechanism.png Mechanism (3)

One Heart

Click any of the icons below to see one heart items for Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko!

FireIcon.webp MusicIcon.webp Metal~1 Icon.webp


Friendship Rewards

Level Image Reward Reward Type Reward Text
1 Retsuko-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now New Friends with Retsuko!”
2 Icon avatar palette retsuko 1.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
3 Stamina Apple Slice.png Stamina Apple Slice Item “Retsuko gifts you a stamina apple slice!”
4 Icon avatar palette retsuko 2.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
5 Tropical Side Table.png Tropical Side Table Furniture “Retsuko gifts you a tropical side table.”
6 Icon avatar palette retsuko 3.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
7 Retsuko-Quest Icon.png Unlock "Enraging Ruins" Quest “Story Quest: Enraging Ruins”
8 Crafting Plans Image.png Mountain Soundtrack Crafting Plans Crafting Plans “Retsuko gifts you the mountain soundtrack crafting plans.”
9 Retsuko-PizzaOven Icon.png Pizza Oven Station Upgrade “Station Upgrade: Pizza Oven!”
10 Retsuko-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Good Friends with Retsuko!”
11 Retsuko-Quest Icon.png Unlock "Fire Up the Volcano" Quest “Story Quest: Fire Up the Volcano”
12 Tropical Plant Vase.png Tropical Plant Vase Furniture “Retsuko gifts you a tropical plant vase.”
13 Crafting Plans Image.png Ultimate Joke Pizza Cooking Recipe Recipe “Retsuko gifts you the ultimate joke pizza cooking recipe.”
14 Icon avatar palette retsuko 4.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
15 Retsuko-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship/Crafting Plans “You are now Close Friends with Retsuko! Pizza Oven blueprint unlocked.”
16 Retsuko-Adren1 Icon.png Adrenaline Ability Level 1/Companion Ability/Companion “Retsuko can be your companion. Adrenaline ability unlocked.”
17 Retsuko-Friendship Icon.png Unlock Swimming Lessons Quest “Story Quest: Swimming Lessons”
18 Retsuko-Adren2 Icon.png Adrenaline Ability Level 2 Ability “Adrenaline ability upgrade.”
19 Retsuko-Ability Icon.png Hot Stuff Ability Ability “Hot Stuff ability unlocked.”
20 Retsuko-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Best Friends with Retsuko!”


Daily Quests
Name Description Objective Reward
Deepest Dark "The darkness at the bottom of the sea can be comforting. Go there and tell me about it!" Dive to the bottom of The Hole + Retsuko-icon.png Friendship Points
Heaviest Metal "Can you believe it? This cute little music box actually plays heavy metal music. Can you find one please?" Get a Volcanic Music Box Volcanic Music Box.png + Retsuko-icon.png Friendship Points
Fiery Flowers "Some of the flowers on the mountain really speak to me. So beautiful, full of molten fire." Collect 2 Magma Bloom Magma Bloom.png + Retsuko-icon.png Friendship Points
Heavy Metal "Metal is really marvellous - it's used to create guitars, microphones, and even amplifiers!" Collect 3 Iron Iron.png + Retsuko-icon.png Friendship Points
Ride the Waves "I bet Rainbow Reef is a great place to relax. It would be nice to float along the surface." Visit Rainbow Reef Icon.png Rainbow Reef + Retsuko-icon.png Friendship Points
Heavier Metal "Maybe we should turn up the heat and craft an ingot. I can use it as a paperweight at work." Craft 1 Ingot Ingot.png + Retsuko-icon.png Friendship Points


  • Retsuko is originally from the anime Aggretsuko, or Aggressive Retsuko, where she stars at the titular character. In the show, Retsuko blows off steam through her hobby: heavy-metal karaoke.