Espresso Machine

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Espresso Machine

The Espresso Machine is a cooking station that uses a Candlenut.png Candlenut (Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon's return gift) and at least one other ingredient to make a variety of CozybevIconRed.webp cozy beverages that can be gifted to Island Residents. There are two Espresso Machines that the player can use: one is located in the Comedy Club and the other is located in the Hello Kitty Cafe. The Cafe machine is only usable after the player has reached friendship level 11 with Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon and completed the "Espresso Machine Repair" quest. The Espresso Machine gets upgraded at friendship level 4 with Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon to allow an additional ingredient to be used.


List of Espresso Machine Recipes
Image Name Tags Rarity Ingredients
(Candlenut.png Candlenut + __)
Candied Banana Coffee.png Candied Banana Coffee CozybevIconRed.webp FruitIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp DessertIconRed.webp Rare Banana.png Banana + Candy Cloud.png Candy Cloud
Spicy Pumpkin Latte.png Spicy Pumpkin Latte CozybevIconRed.webp Fall Icon.webp SpiceIcon.webp SpookyIcon.webp Rare Cinna Bloom.png Cinna Bloom + Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
Cappuccino.png Cappuccino CozybevIconRed.webp DairyIcon.webp Uncommon Coral Milk.png Coral Milk
Chai.png Chai CozybevIconRed.webp SpiceIcon.webp Uncommon 2 recipes:
Chocolate Chai.png Chocolate Chai CozybevIconRed.webp ChocolateIconRed.webp SpiceIcon.webp Uncommon 2 recipes:
Hot Cocoa.png Hot Cocoa CozybevIconRed.webp ChocolateIconRed.webp RelaxIcon.webp Uncommon Coral Milk.png Coral Milk + Chocolate Coin.png Chocolate Coin
Mocha.png Mocha CozybevIconRed.webp ChocolateIconRed.webp Uncommon Chocolate Coin.png Chocolate Coin
Pink Latte.png Pink Latte CozybevIconRed.webp PinkIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp Uncommon 2 recipes:
Purple Latte.png Purple Latte CozybevIconRed.webp VeggieIcon.webp Uncommon Spinip.png Spinip
Sweet Latte.png Sweet Latte CozybevIconRed.webp SweetIcon.webp Rare 2 recipes:
Toasted Almond Coffee.png Toasted Almond Coffee CozybevIconRed.webp FireIcon.webp Common Toasted Almond.png Toasted Almond
Candlenut Coffee.png Candlenut Coffee CozybevIconRed.webp Common default result

Options include:

Confusing Coffee.png Confusing Coffee CozybevIconRed.webp DairyIcon.webp Uncommon Moon Cheese.png Moon Cheese
Frappe.png Frappe CozybevIconRed.webp Snowflake Icon.png Uncommon Snowcicle.png Snowcicle
Molten Frappe.png Molten Frappe CozybevIconRed.webp Snowflake Icon.png SpiceIcon.webp Uncommon Snowcicle.png Snowcicle + Magma Bloom.png Magma Bloom
Sakura Frappe.png Sakura Frappe CozybevIconRed.webp Snowflake Icon.png PinkIcon.webp Uncommon Snowcicle.png Snowcicle + Sakura.png Sakura
Sweet Frappe.png Sweet Frappe CozybevIconRed.webp Snowflake Icon.png SweetIcon.webp Uncommon Snowcicle.png Snowcicle + Sugarkelp.png Sugarkelp
Egg_Coffee.png Egg Coffee CozybevIconRed.webp EggIcon.jpg Uncommon Egg.png Egg
Espresso (Item).png Espresso CozybevIconRed.webp FireIcon.webp SpiceIcon.webp Uncommon Cinna Bloom.png Cinna Bloom + Magma Bloom.png Magma Bloom

Map Location

Crafting Plans

The crafting plans for the Espresso Machine are unlocked once the player reaches friendship level 12 with Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon. The player can craft a functioning Espresso Machine and place it within Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabins around Friendship Island.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Espresso Machine Icon.png Espresso Machine Cooking Tag.webp Rare Mechanism.png Mechanism (10)

Candlenut.png Candlenut (100)

Spark.png Spark (5)