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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

Full Character Tophat.png
Birthday ???
Likes Digital Icon.webp FancyIcon.webp Stars~1 Icon.webp
Relationships Big Challenges Icon.png Big Challenges (best friend)
Location Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort

After rescuing his best friend, Big Challenges Icon.png Big Challenges,Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT is often seen on the beaches of Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort.


A mysterious friend and supercomputer found on the island.

TOPHAT worries a lot, especially about his sometimes-impulsive best friend, Big Challenges. The crocodile's lengthy stay in an ice block only made TOPHAT worry more, though he only worries because he cares about his friend so much. TOPHAT is generally not forgetful, but he is still recovering from his memory loss. No one is sure just how well TOPHAT's memories have recovered after the restoration of the Power Crystals. He still seems to be missing some things, like a stable holographic projection and his feet.


The player can give Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT up to three gifts per day, which will raise his friendship with the player. Players will receive Glitch.png Glitch as a reward for each gift given to Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT. The amount received depends on the value of the gift and the closeness of the friendship.

If the player has reached maximum friendship level with Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT, they will receive his Character Gift Box TOPHAT Box Icon.png for each gift given or quest completed.

Liked Gifts

Hearts Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Heart Heart Heart The Future of Everything.png The Future of Everything Stars~1 Icon.webp Resilience Icon.webp Digital Icon.webp FancyIcon.webp Rare Crafting Little Challenge.png Little Challenge (3)

Glitch.png Glitch (3)

Star (Item).png Star (3)

Heart Heart Computer.png Computer Digital Icon.webp Device Icon.webp FancyIcon.webp Rare Crafting Glitch.png Glitch (1)

Mechanism.png Mechanism (2)

Spark.png Spark (2)

Heart Any item with one of the following tags: Stars~1 Icon.webp Stars, Digital Icon.webp Digital, FancyIcon.webp Fancy

Gifts for Raising Friendship

Refer to the Character Gift Guide for more information on how Tags may influence friendship gains more than Heart hearts do.

Friendship Raising Recommendations (may contain spoilers)
Value Items Comments
11 item image The Future of Everything Most value, but uses costly materials. Requires Cloud Island access.
9 item image Starry Skies Shake Best value for lower material costs. Requires Cloud Island access.
8 item image Computer Good value, but requires more materials.
7 item image Candied Banana Coffee 2nd best option for lower material costs.
item image Spinip Alfredo Pizza Decent value for material cost.
5 item image Red Bow Apple Pie Decent value for material cost.
item image Glitchy Book


Friendship Rewards

Level Image Reward Reward Type Reward Text
1 Friendship-lvl-heart-TOPHAT.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now New Friends with TOPHAT!”
2 Crafting Plans Image.png Glitchy Book Crafting Plans Crafting Plans “TOPHAT gifts you the glitchy book crafting plans.”
3 Crafting Plans Image.png Interactive History of Chocolate Crafting Plans Crafting Plans “TOPHAT gifts you the interactive history of chocolate crafting plans.”
4 Crafting Plans Image.png Volcanic Guitar Crafting Plans Crafting Plans “TOPHAT gifts you the volcanic guitar crafting plans.”
5 Friendship-lvl-heart-TOPHAT.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Good Friends with TOPHAT!”
6 Icon avatar palette tophat 1.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
7 Stamina Apple Slice.png Stamina Apple Slice Item “TOPHAT gifts you a stamina apple slice!”
8 Friendship-lvl-heart-TOPHAT.png Friendship Friendship “You are now Close Friends with TOPHAT!”
9 Icon avatar palette tophat 2.png

Pickup Glitch Ability.png

Avatar Palette/Pickup Glitch Ability/Companion Palette/Ability/Companion “Avatar Palette unlock”

“You can now companion with TOPHAT!”

“Pickup Glitch ability unlocked.”

10 Friendship-lvl-heart-TOPHAT.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Best Friends with TOPHAT!”

Friendship Status

The player will reach Best Friend Heart.png Best Friend status with Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT at friendship level 10. The player cannot obtain Spirit Heart.png Spirit Heart status with Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT, after they've reached Best Friend Heart.png Best Friend status with him, by taking Tophat Icon.png TOPHAT as a companion to the Island Spirit -Icon.png Island Spirit.


Daily Quests
Name Description Objective Reward
Hacker Mode "I've been researching cyber security in my free time. I would love some new research material!" GiftTophat Icon.png TOPHAT an item with the Digital Icon.webp digital tag + Tophat Icon.png Friendship Points
Wardrobe Updates "You've done a splendid job helping our little island. Why not treat yourself to some new clothes?" Purchase a new piece of clothing + Tophat Icon.png Friendship Points
Sunny Day "On a beautiful day, I love sitting with Big Challenges on the Hopscotch Islands." Visit the Hopscotch Islands + Tophat Icon.png Friendship Points