Dessert-ed Boat

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"Dessert-ed Boat" is an "The Right Tools" quest that unlocks the ability use the Dessert Machine Icon.png Dessert Machine. The quest is unlocked when the player reaches friendship level 4 with Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin and has completed the "Power Up the Gate" quest.

Quest Description

"Help Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin get the Dessert Boat up and running!"

Dessert-ed Boat-Desc.png

Quest Information

Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin will meet the player at his Dessert Boat, located at the Oasis in Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain. Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin will ask the player to collect 6 Fizzy Ore.png Fizzy Ore from the Crystal Caves to fix the Dessert Machine Icon.png Dessert Machine. When leaving the Dessert Boat, an icon on the mini-map will indicate where the Crystal Caves are located in Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain. The player must enter the Crystal Caves and ride the mine cart around the caves in order to collect Fizzy Ore.png Fizzy Ore. After collecting the 6 Fizzy Ore.png Fizzy Ore, the player must return to the Dessert Boat, where Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin will explain that he needs a Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal instead of the ore. The player and Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin will then have to meet Chococat-icon.png Chococat at his Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort location.

After speaking with Chococat-icon.png Chococat, he will build a crafting table in Gemstone Town that the player can use to convert Fizzy Ore.png Fizzy Ore into Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal. He will also give the player the crafting plans for the Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal at the new crafting table. After crafting a Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal, the player needs to return back to the Dessert Boat and speak with Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin. Finally, the player can activate the Dessert Machine Icon.png Dessert Machine.