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Birthday July 27
Likes MusicIcon.webp Rocky Icon.webp RelaxIcon.webp
Location Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain

Pekkle-icon.pngPekkle is found in Gemstone Town, located in Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain. He enjoys singing and is almost always seen dancing.


"Good-natured and kindhearted, Pekkle can most often be found singing or dancing—two things he excels at. Once he finds the abandoned Dance Hall in Gemstone Mountain, he’s on a mission to bring the party and restore the old town to a rockin’ rollin’ hotspot again. " — Pekkle’s character page on the official Hello Kitty Island Adventure website


The player can give Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle up to three gifts per day, which will raise his friendship with the player. Players will receive Feather.png Feather as a reward for each gift given to Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle. The amount received depends on the value of the gift and the closeness of the friendship.

If the player has reached maximum friendship level with Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle, they will receive his Character Gift Box Pekkle Box Icon.png for each gift given or quest completed.

Liked Gifts

Hearts Image Name Tags Rarity Source Materials
Heart Heart Heart Mountain Soundtrack.png Mountain Soundtrack RelaxIcon.webp MusicIcon.webp Rocky Icon.webp Rare Crafting Mechanism.png Mechanism (1)

Feather.png Feather (5)

Shiny.png Shiny (5)

Heart Heart Rocky Music Box.png Rocky Music Box Device Icon.webp MusicIcon.webp Rocky Icon.webp Rare Crafting Mechanism.png Mechanism (1)

Ingot.png Ingot (1)

Shiny.png Shiny (5)

Stacked Stones.png Stacked Stones Rocky Icon.webp RelaxIcon.webp Rare Crafting Calming Crystal.png Calming Crystal (3)
Heart Any item with one of the following tags: RelaxIcon.webp Relax, MusicIcon.webp Music, Rocky Icon.webp Rocky

Gifts for Raising Friendship

Refer to the Character Gift Guide for more information on how Tags may influence friendship gains more than Heart hearts do.

Friendship Raising Recommendations (may contain spoilers)
Value Items Comments
8 item image Mountain Soundtrack Highest value and decent material cost.
7 item image Rocky Music Box High value but uses an Ingot, which may need to be saved for other uses.
6 item image Mama's Pudding Good value for good material cost with Dessert Machine upgrade.
5 item image Hot Cocoa Good value for good material cost with Espresso Machine upgrade. Can obtain 1 per day each from Cappuccino (the character) or Espresso if they are visiting.
4 item image Twinklebug Great starting option with Net.
item imageRare tag imageFish tag image Rocky Rare Fish
item image Cavern Clamfish
Good starting option with Fishing Rod.
Also, catching any clamfish earns a stick.
3 item image Calming Crystal Basic starting option.


Friendship Rewards

Level Image Reward Reward Type Reward Text
1 Pekkle-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now New Friends with Pekkle!”
2 Icon avatar palette pekkle 1.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
3 Stamina Apple Slice.png Stamina Apple Slice Item “Pekkle gifts you a stamina apple slice!”
4 Icon avatar palette pekkle 2.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
5 Pekkle-Quest Icon.png Unlock "Bring Back the Swing" Quest “Story Quest: Bring Back the Swing”
6 Pekkle-SodaMachine Icon.png Soda Machine Station Upgrade “Station Upgrade: Soda Machine!”
7 Pekkle-SpeedWalker1 Icon.png Speed Walker Ability Level 1/Companion Ability/Companion ”Pekkle can be your companion. Speed Walker ability unlocked.”
8 Pekkle-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Good Friends with Pekkle!”
9 Icon avatar palette pekkle 3.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
10 Pekkle-Quest Icon.png Unlock "Heavy Metal Hoedown" Quest “Story Quest: Heavy Metal Hoedown
11 Pekkle-SpeedWalker2 Icon.png Speed Walker Ability Level 2 Ability “Speed Walker ability upgrade.”
12 Pekkle-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship/Crafting Plans “You are now Close Friends with Pekkle! Soda Machine blueprint unlocked.”
13 Pekkle-DanceAllNight Icon.png Dance All Night Ability Ability ”Dance All Night ability unlocked.”
14 Icon avatar palette pekkle 4.png Avatar Palette Palette “Avatar Palette unlock”
15 Pekkle-Friendship Icon.png Friendship Level Up Friendship “You are now Best Friends with Pekkle!”

Friendship Status

The player will reach Best Friend Heart.png Best Friend status with Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle at friendship level 15. If the player takes Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle as a companion to the Island Spirit -Icon.png Island Spirit, they can obtain Spirit Heart.png Spirit Heart status with Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle, after they've reached Best Friend Heart.png Best Friend status with him.


Daily Quests
Name Description Objective Reward
Twinkly Treasures "I'm hunting around for these shiny things! They gotta be valuable, right?" Collect 10 Shiny Shiny.png + Pekkle-icon.png Friendship Points
Memento "Gemstone Mountain is just so memorable! You should collect a souvenir." Collect an item with the Rocky Icon.webp rocky tag + Pekkle-icon.png Friendship Points
Feeling Fizzy "Sometimes dancing can make you dizzy, but the solution is always something fizzy!" Brew a beverage at the Soda Machine + Pekkle-icon.png Friendship Points
Bringing Down the House "Yesterday, I saw Pochacco practicing his dance moves on the roof of the Dance Hall. He has great balance!" Get on the Dance Hall roof + Pekkle-icon.png Friendship Points
Birds of a Feather "When you're dancing, it's important to stay light as feather. Would you mind dropping one off with a friend?" Give the Island Resident a Feather.png Feather + Pekkle-icon.png Friendship Points
Spelunking "The old mines behind Gemstone Town are extra sparkly today! It's very inspiring. You oughtta take a peek." Visit the Crystal Caves + Pekkle-icon.png Friendship Points