Soda Machine

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Soda Machine

The Soda Machine is where the player can use a Fizzy Crystal Fizzy Crystal.png and one or two other materials to make sodas. It is located in Gemstone Town, to the right of the Gemstone Town Fast Travel Icon.png fast-travel point. The player will unlock the Soda Machine once they have completed the "Parched" quest. The soda machine upgrade for the use of two ingredients is unlocked at friendship level 6 with Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle.


Image Name Tags Rarity
(Fizzy_Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal + __)
Sweet Soda.png Sweet Soda SweetIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon

Candy_Cloud.png Candy Cloud or Sugarkelp.png Sugarkelp or Swapmallow.png Swampmallow

Strawberry Soda.png Strawberry Soda FruitIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon Strawberry.png Strawberry
Apple Soda.png Apple Soda FruitIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon Apple.png Apple
Tropical Soda.png Tropical Soda TropicalIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon Pineapple.png Pineapple
Swampy Soda.png Swampy Soda SwampyIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon

Spinip.png Spinip or Pumpkin.png Pumpkin

Fiery Soda.png Fiery Soda FireIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon

Toasted_Almond.png Toasted Almond or Magma_Bloom.png Magma Bloom or Cinna_Bloom.png Cinna Bloom

Cream Soda.png Cream Soda DairyIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon Coral_Milk.png Coral Milk
Pineapple Lava Soda.png Pineapple Lava Soda TropicalIcon.webp SpiceIcon.webp FireIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Rare Pineapple.png Pineapple +

Magma_Bloom.png Magma Bloom

Pumpkin Spice Soda.png Pumpkin Spice Soda SpookyIcon.webp Fall%20Icon.webp Soda Icon.webp Rare Cinna_Bloom.png Cinna Bloom +

Pumpkin.png Pumpkin

Banana Soda.png Banana Soda TropicalIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon Banana.png Banana
Joke Soda.png Joke Soda JokeIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Uncommon Tofu.png Tofu
Pochacco Energy Pop.png Pochacco Energy Pop HealthyIcon.webp VeggieIcon.webp Sports_Icon.webp Uncommon Tofu.png Tofu +

Spinip.png Spinip

Soda.png Soda Soda Icon.webp Common any other ingredient(s)

(default result)

SakuraSoda.png Sakura Soda Soda Icon.webp PinkIcon.webp Uncommon Sakura.png Sakura
Surprising Soda.png Surprising Soda Soda Icon.webp JokeIcon.webp FireIcon.webp Rare Toasted_Almond.png Toasted Almond +

Spinip.png Spinip

Map Location

Crafting Plans

The crafting plans for the Soda Machine are unlocked once the player reaches friendship level 12 with Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle. The player can craft a functioning Soda Machine and place it within Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabins around Friendship Island.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Soda_Machine_Icon.png Soda Machine Cooking%20Tag.webp Rare Ingot.png Ingot (10)

Fizzy_Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal (100)

Spark.png Spark (5)