A Challenging Rescue

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"A Challenging Rescue" is an 'The Island Mystery' quest which brings the Island Residents together to save TOPHAT's best friend! In order to unlock the quest, the player must have at least 3 Stamina Apples and completed the following quests:

Quest Description

"Find TOPHAT's lost partner on the Icy Peak about Gemstone Mountain."

Quest Information

The player will meet TOPHAT at the entrance to Icy Peak, which is located near the Icy Peak Entrance fast-travel point. The player will be met by Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Chococat, and Badtz-maru. TOPHAT will then experience a memory rush — it is discovered that Power Crystals the player collected earlier are revealed to be TOPHAT's memories — revealing his best friend's identity, Big Challenges! TOPHAT will then explain the story behind him and Big Challenges' friendship.

The Story of TOPHAT and Big Challenges

Kiki and Lala will appear, providing more details, including the meaning of T.O.P.H.A.T, which stands for: "Tons Of Playful Hugs And Thrills". It is then revealled that TOPHAT sealed off the entrance to Icy Peak, due to it's dangerous environment. This caused a large disagreement between TOPHAT and Big Challenges, who ventured to the summit alone. TOPHAT waited and waited, but there was no sign of Big Challenges. A terrible snowstorm swept upon the island, causing TOPHAT to be knocked off the mountain, scattering his memories all over the island.

Suddenly, TOPHAT realizes that Big Challenges must be on top of Icy Peak! It is up to the player, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Chococat, and Badtz-maru to save Big Challenges... TOPHAT is nervous at first, but after being inspired by friendship, he decides to come along. The door to Icy Peak will open, and the player will enter along with all the other Island Residents.

Climbing Icy Peak

When climbing Icy Peak, the player will be unable to climb when the strong icy winds are blowing, which is indicated by an green icon under the map indicator. If the player tries to climb when the indicator is present, they will loose all of their stamina or potentially fall off the mountain.

At the first stop, the player must speak to TOPHAT, who is joined by Keroppi and Chococat, as he struggles to keep climbing — Keroppi and Chococat will share positive words of encouragement, which will motivate TOPHAT to keep climbing!

At the second stop, the player must speak to TOPHAT, who is joined by Hello Kitty and My Melody, as he struggles to keep climbing — Hello Kitty and My Melody will share positive words of encouragement, which will motivate TOPHAT to keep climbing — we're almost there!

Help Big Challenges

Once arriving to the peak of Icy Peak, TOPHAT will be overjoyed to see his best friend; however, he is trapped in ice! TOPHAT will ask the player to help break open the ice with their Pickaxe; however, it fails. Before all hope is lost, Kiki and Lala appear and use each of the Star Fragments to break Big Challenges free! Once he is freed from the ice, Big Challenges will be happy to be reunited with his best friend! After the rescue mission TOPHAT and Big Challenges will reside on the shores of the Seaside Resort.