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Complete the "A Challenging Rescue" quest and Hello Kitty’s friendship level 17 quest, "Baker’s Assistant".

Quest Description

"Find the Sky Fragments across the Island."

Quest Information

First the player must wait until night to activate the quest. Once it is night then the player must meet Hello Kitty at Moon Island. Hello Kitty and the rest of her friends will be watching the stars in the sky until all of a sudden they begin falling. Five Sky Fragments will fall from the sky. Once the cutscene is over, Hello Kitty will have the player go around the island and find all of the Sky Fragments that have fallen from the sky — starting with the first Sky Fragment which is right next to the player!

The second Sky Fragment is on the southwest beach of Mount Hothead, where Chococat and Badtz-maru will be. After talking to Chococat, the player will retrieve the first sky fragment.

The third Sky Fragment is in Gemstone Mountain, near the Oasis. Keroppi will be standing nearby the sky fragment. After talking to Keroppi the player will receive the second sky fragment.

The fourth Sky Fragment is in Spooky Swamp, in the graveyard to the left of the Spooky Swamp fast-travel point. Kuromi and My Melody will be standing near the sky fragment. After speaking with them both, the player will receive the third sky fragment.

The final Sky Fragment is in the Comedy Club where Hangyodon and Retsuko are singing songs. The sky fragment is stuck on the stage, unreachable by the player, so Hangyodon will break out into song, making the sky fragment fall from the ceiling and hit him on the head.  Afterwards, the player can pick up the final sky fragment.

After retrieving all the Sky Fragments, the player must then go back to Moon Island and speak with Hello Kitty. All of the characters will be confused on what to do next however Big Challenges will then suggest putting the sky fragments together. After the sky fragments have been put in together, the portal to Cloud Island will appear. Hello Kitty and the player will travel to the location. Upon reaching the location, Hello Kitty and the player will then walk towards the Cloud Island Plaza where there will be greeted by Kiki and Lala.