Icy Peak

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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

Icy Peak Map.png
Name Icy Peak
Symbol Icy Peak.png
Location North
Fast Travel Stops Fast_Travel_Icon.png Icy Peak
Additional Areas Icy Caverns
Visitor Cabins 0

Icy Peak.png Icy Peak is a mountainous region with harsh, frozen terrain and towering, snow-capped summits. As players ascend the treacherous slopes, they navigate through climbing walls and traverse narrow ice bridges, each step a delicate dance between progress and potential mishap. Occasional snowstorms sweep through, reducing visibility and adding an extra layer of complexity while ascending the frigid environment. The summit promises not just breathtaking vistas but also the allure of hidden secrets and formidable challenges. There is also a labyrinth of icy caverns spread across the region that can serve as an alternative way to navigate parts of the peak.

The Icy Peak.png Icy Peak is unlocked when the player begins the "A Challenging Rescue" quest. The player will be unable to climb when the strongest winds are blowing, indicated by the IcyPeak-Stamina_Icon.png stamina reduction icon under the mini-map, because the player's stamina immediately empties if they attempt to climb while the winds are active.


Big Challenges

Big_Challenges_Icon.png Big Challenges is trapped in ice at the top of Icy Peak until he is rescued during the "A Challenging Rescue" quest. After completing the quest, Big_Challenges_Icon.pngBig Challenges will relax on the beach of Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort alongside his best friend, Tophat_Icon.png TOPHAT.


Image Name Tags
Woolox Woolox Critter Frozen Rare
Image Name Tags
Image Name Tags
Snowcicle Snowcicle Frozen

Locations Icon_dialog_location.png

Icy Caverns

There is a labyrinth of icy caverns within the region with glacial pools and snowy platforms. These can be used to navigate parts of Icy Peak while avoiding the strong winds.

Icy Cavern Navigation Map