Cloud Island

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Cloud Island Map.png

Name Cloud Island
Location In the Sky
Fast Travel Stops Fast Travel Icon.png Cloud Island Plaza, Outer Cloud Cabin,
Cloud Island Critter Corral, Cloud Island Ponds
Additional Areas Cloud Island Critter Corral
Photo Op Locations Sweet Sleepover, Cloudy Closeups
Visitor Cabins 5

Cloud Island Icon.png Cloud Island is a whimsical and magical realm, a dreamy escape suspended in the skies. The landscape is a surreal blend of soft pinks and purples, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that transports players to a realm of pure imagination. Islands float effortlessly amidst the clouds and are interconnected by vibrant rainbows, traversed by Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Rides, that arc gracefully across the sky, serving as both ethereal pathways and captivating visual spectacles. There are ponds teeming with colorful fish and flying critters adorned in dream-like hues who flit and dance in the air. The player will also encounter a mix of magical Puzzles, which are scattered across the islands.

In order to gain access to Cloud Island, the player must have completed the "Stargazing" quest.

On two of the islands, the player will find Cloud Cabin Icon.png Cloud Cabins (Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabins) that they can repair. In the Plaza, Kiki-Icon.png Kiki runs the Stardust Store (unlocked after completing the "Icy Recovery" quest), where the player can buy Dreamy clothing and furniture with the Stardust.png Stardust that Kiki-Icon.png Kiki and Lala-Icon.png Lala give in return for gifts.


The following characters are characters that generally reside in Cloud Island. Characters that pass through Cloud Island, such as Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll, are not listed here.


Kiki-Icon.png Kiki runs the Stardust Store on Cloud Island and does not typically wander around the island.


Lala-Icon.png Lala lives near the Cloud Island Plaza and she typically wanders around the island.

Regional Finds

Image Name Tags
Cloudragon Cloudragon CritterIcon.webp Cloud Icon.png
Starry Nightwing Starry Nightwing CritterIcon.webp Stars~1 Icon.webp
Star Drake.png Stardrake CritterIcon.webp Stars~1 Icon.webp Starfall Icon.png

*Note: The Star Drake.png Stardrake can only be caught during a Aquatic Starfall.

Image Name Tags
Crescent Minnow Crescent Minnow Fish~1 Icon.webp Stars~1 Icon.webp
Moonla Moonla Fish~1 Icon.webp Cloud Icon.png
Nebula Peeper Nebula Peeper Fish~1 Icon.webp Cloud Icon.png
Starlight Floater Starlight Floater Fish~1 Icon.webp Stars~1 Icon.webp
Image Name Tags
Moon Cheese.png Moon Cheese Cheese Icon.png
Starfruit.png Starfruit Stars~1 Icon.webp

Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Ride

To traverse between islands, the player must use the Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Rides. Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Ride #1 is unlocked after completing the "Sweets in the Stars" quest. Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Ride #2 is unlocked after completing the "Cloud Cabins" quest. Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Ride #3 is unlocked after completing the "Star Fish" quest. Cloud Ride Icon.png Cloud Ride #4 is unlocked after completing the "Catching a Cloudragon" quest.

Locations Icon dialog location.png

Cloud Island Critter Corral

The Cloud Island Critter Corral is an designated area that contains an ecosystem to home the biodiversity of Critters found on Cloud Island. Players can donate their Critters to the Nul Icon.png Nul inside of the corral.