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The Launch Celebration was an Calendar Icon.png Event that occurred starting from the release of the game (July 28th, 2023) until the end of August 27th, 2023. It was the first event to occur in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. While not celebrated by characters, this event awarded players in a calendar format with exclusive limited-time Launch Event clothing and other gifts. It was succeeded by the Summer's End Celebration event.

The Launch Celebration will be available annually from July 28th to August 27th.


The main purpose of this event is to celebrate the launch and official release of Hello Kitty Island Adventure! _add more info_.

Launch Celebration Exclusive Items


These items could only be obtained via the Launch Celebration event Daily_Reward_Icon.png Daily Rewards. See Launch Event Outfit for more information.

Image Name Source
Launch Event Tuxedo Pants.png Launch Event Tuxedo Pants Launch Celebration

Daily Reward (Day 7)

Launch Event Dress Shirt.png Launch Event Dress Shirt Launch Celebration

Daily Reward (Day 2)

Launch Event Crown.png Launch Event Crown Launch Celebration

Daily Reward (Day 14)

Launch Event Ball Gown.png Launch Event Ball Gown Launch Celebration Streak

Daily Reward (Day 7)

Launch Event Tuxedo Jacket.png Launch Event Tuxedo Jacket Launch Celebration Finale

Daily Reward (Day 7)

Avatar Palette

Image Name Source
Launch Event Avatar Palette.png Launch Event Avatar Palette Launch Celebration Streak

Daily Reward (Day 3)

Launch Celebration Daily Rewards

Title Start Date End Date
Launch Celebration 7/28/2023 8/27/2023
Launch Celebration Streak 7/28/2023 8/27/2023
Launch Celebration Finale 8/17/2023 8/27/2023

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