Petal Puzzle

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"Petal Puzzle" is an Around-The-Island symbol.png "Around The Island" quest that is unlocked when the player has completed the "Care Packages" quest and has access to the Merry Meadows Temple (via Giant Seed beanstalk).

Quest Description

"Unlock the mysterious door in the Merry Meadows"

Quest Information

The player meets Wish me mell and Chococat-icon.png Chococat in the Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow.  The objective of the quest is to find the three Petal Key.png Petal Keys, located inside of the Blooming Door.png Temple Ruins, to open the Blooming Door. Once the player has collected the final Petal Key.png Petal Key, the quest will be completed. The next quest, "Beyond The Blooming Door" will then be unlocked.

Note: If the player collects the three Petal Key.png Petal Keys before activating the "Petal Puzzle" quest, the Blooming Door will not open—the "Petal Puzzle" quest must be completed.

Petal Key Locations