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Pineapple (Discord Icon)

Pineapples can be found all around the Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort. A total of 9 pineapples can be found per day.

Image Name Tags Rarity Source
Egg.png Pineapple FruitIcon.webp Uncommon Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort



Image Name Source Rarity Tags Materials
Mermaid Figure Crafting Rare Fabric (2)

Pineapple (3)

Seashell (5)

Sunshine Snuggles Crafting Rare Pineapple (3)

Coconut (3)

Blank Book (1)

Beignets with Pineapple Dip Oven Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp TropicalIcon.webp Flour.png Flour + Candy Cloud + Pineapple.png Pineapple
Fruity Cheesecake Oven Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp FruitIcon.webp Flour.png Flour + Moon Cheese +

Apple.png Apple / Banana.png Banana / Starfruit / Pineapple.png Pineapple

Pineapple Stack Cake Oven Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp TropicalIcon.webp Flour.png Flour + Pineapple.png Pineapple
Tropical Cloud Candy Cloud Machine Uncommon TropicalIcon.webp Candy Cloud + Pineapple.png Pineapple
Pineapple Pizza Pizza Oven Uncommon Dough.png Dough + Pineapple.png Pineapple
Ultimate Joke Pizza Pizza Oven Legendary Dough.png Dough + Pineapple.png Pineapple + Tofu.png Tofu
Tropical Soda Soda Machine Uncommon TropicalIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal + Pineapple.png Pineapple
Pineapple Lava Soda Soda Machine Rare TropicalIcon.webp SpiceIcon.webp FireIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal + Pineapple.png Pineapple + Magma Bloom.png Magma Bloom
Chocolate Pineapple Pudding Dessert Machine Uncommon ChocolateIconRed.webp TropicalIcon.webp Cactus Cream.png Cactus Cream + Pineapple.png Pineapple + Chocolate Coin.png Chocolate Coin
Ice Cream Dessert Machine Common Cactus Cream.png Cactus Cream +

Pineapple.png Pineapple / Toasted Almond.png Toasted Almond /