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Dough (Icon)

Dough is given to the player as an reward for gifting Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko. Once reaching Best Friend status with Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko, the player can receive Dough by opening her Character Gift Boxes.

Image Name Tags Rarity Source
Dough.png Dough N/A Common Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko



Image Name Rarity Tags Materials
Alfredo Pizza.png Alfredo Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp DairyIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Coral Milk.png Coral Milk
Dessert Pizza.png Dessert Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp DessertIconRed.webp Dough.png Dough + Candy Cloud.png Candy Cloud or Sugarkelp.png Sugarkelp or Swapmallow.png Swampmallow
Fruit Pizza.png Fruit Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp FruitIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Apple.png Apple or Banana.png Banana or Strawberry.png Strawberry or Starfruit.png Starfruit
Pineapple Pizza.png Pineapple Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp TropicalIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Pineapple.png Pineapple
Pizza.png Pizza Common Pizza Icon.webp Dough.png Dough + Chocolate Coin.png Chocolate Coin or Sakura.png Sakura or Snowcicle.png Snowcicle
Spicy Pizza.png Spicy Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp SpiceIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Magma Bloom.png Magma Bloom or Cinna Bloom.png Cinna Bloom
Toasty Pizza.png Toasty Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp FireIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Toasted Almond.png Toasted Almond
Tofu Pizza.png Tofu Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp HealthyIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Tofu.png Tofu
Veggie Pizza.png Veggie Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp VeggieIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Spinip.png Spinip or Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
Spinip Alfredo Pizza.png Spinip Alfredo Pizza Legendary Pizza Icon.webp DairyIcon.webp VeggieIcon.webp FancyIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Spinip.png Spinip + Coral Milk.png Coral Milk
Everything Pizza.png Everything Pizza Rare Pizza Icon.webp VeggieIcon.webp HealthyIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Spinip.png Spinip + Tofu.png Tofu
Ultimate Joke Pizza.png Ultimate Joke Pizza Legendary Pizza Icon.webp TropicalIcon.webp JokeIcon.webp Dough.png Dough + Pineapple.png Pineapple + Tofu.png Tofu
Quattro Fromaggio Pizza.png Quattro Formaggi Pizza Rare Pizza Icon.webp Dreamy Icon.webp Cheese Icon.png Creative Icon.webp Dough.png Dough + Moon Cheese.png Moon Cheese + Coral Milk.png Coral Milk
Three Cheese Pizza.png Three Cheese Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp Dreamy Icon.webp Cheese Icon.png Dough.png Dough + Moon Cheese.png Moon Cheese
Breakfast Pizza.png Breakfast Pizza Uncommon Pizza Icon.webp Egg Icon.png Dough.png Dough + Egg.png Egg
Pizza Oven Icon.png Pizza Oven Rare Cooking%20Tag.webp Ingot.png Ingot (10)

Dough.png Dough (100)

Spark.png Spark (5)