Witch's Hut

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A player posing in Witch's Hut.

Witch's Hut is run by Kuromi in Spooky Swamp. It is located behind the graveyard, which is left of the Spooky Swamp fast-travel point. Located inside is an Cauldron, where players can brew a variety of potions that give the player different abilities.


The Cauldron is a cooking station that can be found in the Witch's Hut in the Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp and is used to create Potions, most of which give temporary ability buffs to the player if consumed through the player's inventory. The Cauldron is unlocked after reaching friendship level 8 with Kuromi Kuromi and starting the "Potion Hunt: The Opening" quest. Each potion requires one Glow Berry.png Glow Berry and one other ingredient to brew.

Potion Recipes

List of Cauldron Recipes
Image Name Tags Rarity Abilities Ingredients
(Glow Berry.png Glow Berry + __)
Deep Diving Potion.png Deep Diving Potion Cauldron Icon.png Uncommon Increase Diving Speed & Stamina Sugarkelp.png Sugarkelp
Thermal Potion.png Thermal Potion Cauldron Icon.png Uncommon Balloons Icon.png Balloons will lift the player higher Magma Bloom.png Magma Bloom
Stamina Recharge Potion.png Stamina Recharge Potion Cauldron Icon.png Uncommon Increase Stamina Recharge Speed Apple.png Apple
Speedy Walking Potion.png Speedy Walking Potion Cauldron Icon.png Uncommon Increase Walking Speed Tofu.png Tofu
Speedy Swimming Potion.png Speedy Swimming Potion Cauldron Icon.png Uncommon Increase Swimming Speed Swapmallow.png Swampmallow
Mundane Potion.png Mundane Potion Cauldron Icon.png Common None default result

Options include:

Map Location

Crafting Plans

The crafting plans for the Cauldron are unlocked once the player reaches friendship level 15 with Kuromi Kuromi. The player can craft a functioning Cauldron and place it within Visitor Cabin Visitor Cabins around Friendship Island.

Image Name Rarity Tags Materials
Cauldron Cauldron Rare Cooking Tag.webp Ingot.png Ingot (10)

Glow Berry.png Glow Berry (100)

Spark.png Spark (5)