Spooky Swamp

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Name Spooky Swamp
Symbol Spooky Swamp Icon.png
Location East
Fast Travel Stops Fast_Travel_Icon.png Spooky Swamp, Nature Preserve, Ghost Tour Ride
Additional Areas Pumpkin Patch, Witch's Hut, Hedge Maze, Lilypad Lagoon, Dune Lagoon
Visitor Cabins 4

Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp is a Halloween themed island located in the east of the world map. The Nature Preserve resides on southeast side of Spooky Swamp, while the Ghost Tour Ride is located on the north side. The center of Spooky Swamp is home to the Hedge Maze, the Witch's Hut, and the Haunted Mansion, as well as five puzzle rooms.


The following characters are characters that generally reside in the Spooky Swamp. Characters that pass through Spooky Swamp, such as Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll, are not listed here.


Kuromi-Icon.png Kuromi hangs out in the center of Spooky Swamp or in her shop, Witch's Hut. After completing the "Re-Haunt the Spooky Swamp" quest, Kuromi is in charge of running the rides of Spooky Swamp.


When he isn’t hanging out near Badtz-maru's Comic and Bait Shop, Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi can be found wandering in the southern part of the Spooky Swamp near the Nature Preserve.


Image Name Tags
Grassy Glowbuddy.png Grassy Glowbuddy Critter Swampy
Orchid Glowbuddy.png Orchid Glowbuddy Critter Swampy
Phantom Flutterby.png Phantom Flutterby Critter Swampy
Pumpkin Spiceler.png Pumpkin Spiceler Critter Swampy
Bush Friend.png Bush Friend Critter Swampy Rare
Lily Frog.png Lily Frog Critter Swampy
Swampy Snapper.png Swampy Snapper Critter Swampy
Image Name Tags
Quagfish.png Quagfish Fish Swampy
Zebra Swampling.png Zebra Swampling Fish Swampy
Spirit Betta.png Spirit Betta Fish Swampy Rare
Slimescale.png Slimescale Fish Swampy
Midnight Pike.png Midnight Pike Fish Swampy Rare
Bog Clamfish.png Bog Clamfish Fish Swampy Rare
Image Name Tags
Mushroom.png Mushroom Currency
Apple.png Apple Fruit
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Fall
Spinip.png Spinip Veggie
Swapmallow.png Swampmallow Sweet
Glow Berry.png Glow Berry
Lotus Blossom.png Lotus Blossom Swampy