When You Fwish Upon a Fish

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"When You Fwish Upon a Fish" is an 'The Right Tools' quest that unlocks the ability use the Fwishing Well. The quest is unlocked when the player reaches friendship level 8 with Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon and has completed the "Keep it Reel" and "Comic Relief" quests.

Quest Description

"Help Hangyodon get his wish by donating a bunch of fish!"

Quest Information

Hangyodon will meet the player by the Fwishing Well in Spooky Swamp, where he will be wishing. In order to learn more about the Fwishing Well, Hangyodon and the player will meet with Badtz-maru, at his Comic and Bait Shop in Seaside Resort. Badtz-maru will tell the player and Hangyodon that they must donate fish to the Fwishing Well Hangyodon will tell the player to meet him at the Fwishing Well after they've caught five fish.

After catching five fish, the player must then donate the fish to the Fwishing Well. The Fwishing Well will reward the player a piece of Fwish Furniture. After receiving their reward, the player must then give Hangyodon one fish.