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Strawberry (Discord Icon)

Strawberries are given to the player as an reward for gifting Pochacco. Once reaching Best Friend status with Pochacco, the player can receive Strawberries by opening his Character Gift Boxes.

Image Name Tags Rarity Source
Strawberry.png Strawberry SweetIcon.webp Common Pochacco-Icon.png Pochacco




Image Name Rarity Tags Materials
Strawberry Soda.png Strawberry Soda Uncommon FruitIcon.webp Soda Icon.webp Fizzy Crystal.png Fizzy Crystal + Strawberry.png Strawberry
Fruit Pizza Uncommon FruitIcon.webp Dough.png Dough +

Apple.png Apple / Banana.png Banana / Strawberry.png Strawberry / Starfruit

Strawberry Ice Cream Uncommon FruitIcon.webp Cactus Cream.png Cactus Cream +Strawberry.png Strawberry
Strawberry Shake Uncommon FruitIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp Cactus Cream.png Cactus Cream + Snowcicle + Strawberry.png Strawberry
Strawberry Cheesecake Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp FruitIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp Flour.png Flour + Moon Cheese + Strawberry.png Strawberry
Strawberry Shortcake.png Strawberry Shortcake Uncommon BakeryIcon.webp FruitIcon.webp SweetIcon.webp Flour.png Flour + Strawberry.png Strawberry