Bog Clamfish

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Bog Clamfish

The Bog Clamfish is a fish that can be found in the Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp. There are three sizes: huge, regular, and tiny.

Catching Bog Clamfish is regarded as the easiest method to obtain large amounts of Stick.png Sticks. Like other clamfish, Bog Clamfish always reward 1 Stick.png Stick when caught. Additionally, in small areas, the Fishing Rod Icon.png fishing rod's cast is shortened; this allows for much faster and easier catch. Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru should be used as a companion as his ability increases the bite rate of fish.

Image Name Tags Rarity Location Time of Day
Bog Clamfish.png Bog Clamfish SwampyIcon.webp Gem Icon.png FishIcon.webp Uncommon The pond with the Witch's Hut Dawn - Time Icon.pngDay - Time Icon 2.pngEvening - Time Icon.pngNight - Time Icon.png