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Stick (Discord Icon)

Sticks can be found all around the Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort. A total of 15 sticks can be found per day. Sticks can be found in the following puzzle rooms: Crumble Rumble, Thermal Throwdown, Flooded Fulcrum, and Lightning Lockout. They are a possible prize from the Crane Craze.png Crane Craze mini game.

Sticks can also be crafted using Worm Tail.png Worm Tails. Lou will gift the player Stick when visiting the island.

Fish also sometimes reward a Stick when caught. Clamfish (Coastal Clamfish.png Coastal Clamfish, Bog Clamfish.png Bog Clamfish, Briny Clamfish.png Briny Clamfish, Cavern Clamfish.png Cavern Clamfish, and Magma Clamfish.png Magma Clamfish) always reward a Stick when caught. Bog Clamfish.png Bog Clamfish are recommended as the best fish to target for Sticks because they can be caught quickly (with the right position by the Witch's Hut; refer to the Gallery) and at all times of day.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials Source
Stick.png Stick N/A Common Worm Tail.png Worm Tail (2) Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort

Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing

Fwishing Well icon.png Fwishing Well

Lou.png Lou

Craft Icon.png Crafting Table




Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Golden Stick.png Golden Stick Decoration Icon.png Rare Stick.png Stick (99)
Woodblock.png Woodblock Wood_Icon.webp Uncommon Coconut.png Coconut (7) or

Stick.png Stick (5)

Art%20Supplies.png Art Supplies Creative%20Icon.webp Dreamy%20Icon.webp Stars~1_Icon.webp Rare Paper.png Paper (10)

Rubber.png Rubber (3)

Stick.png Stick (5)

Star (Item).png Star (1)

Pink Cloud Tree.png Pink Cloud Tree Wood Icon.webp Cloud_Icon.png Rare Stick.png Stick (25)

Candy Cloud.png Candy Cloud (25)

Pink Dye.png Pink Dye (5)

Blue Cloud Tree.png Blue Cloud Tree Wood Icon.webp Cloud_Icon.png Rare Stick.png Stick (25)

Candy_Cloud.png Candy Cloud (25)

Blue%20Dye.png Blue Dye (5)

Lamb%20Plush.png Lamb Plush Wood_Icon.webp Cloud_Icon.png Rare Basic%20Plush.png Basic Plush (1)

Stick.png Stick (1)

Crystal Sensor.png Crystal Sensor N/A Legendary Stick.png Stick (3)

Magnet Icon.png Magnet (3)

Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing Rod N/A Legendary Stick.png Stick (10)

Thread.png Thread (3)

Gizmo.png Gizmo (1)

Net.png Net N/A Legendary Stick.png Stick (10)

Thread.png Thread (3)

Light Stone.png Light Stone (1)