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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

Lutz (full size)
Birthday January 10
Relationships Wish me mell icon Wish me mell (friend)
Likes Cozy Beverage (Meadow)
Location Merry Meadow Merry Meadow

Lutz Lutz is a friend of Wish me mell Wish me mell and is a possible island visitor. To have him as a possible visitor, the player must complete the "A Long Awaited Introduction" quest.

He can visit the player anytime if his Visitor Cabin (icon) Visitor Cabin Requirements are met. Until he reaches a Star 5-star friendship level on your island, he will assign Daily Quests, one per visit to your island. His daily gift for talking to him is Beeswax Fertilizer.


"Lutz is a friend of Wish me mell.”

Visitor Cabin Requirements

For Lutz Lutz to move into a Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabin, it must meet the following requirements:


Daily Quests
# Name Description Objective Reward
1 Welcome Treat "It was a long trip to get to Friendship Island! Do you have anything sweet to eat?" Cook 1x Star Almond Pound Cake Increase Star Rating
2 Cherry Chase "What's the red fish I saw in the upper area of the Merry Meadow? It's pretty." Catch a Star Huge Cherryfin Increase Star Rating
3 Artful Amphibian "I saw a well camouflaged critter in the Rainbow Reef, but I didn't get a good look at it..." Catch a Star Wollypog Increase Star Rating
4 Candlemaker "Wish me mell says you make the best candles. I'd love to see you make one!" Create a Star Bellbutton Candle Increase Star Rating
5 Art from the Heart "I want to make a really beautiful letter for Wish me mell. Do you have any supplies for drawing?" Craft Star 3x Art Supplies Increase Star Rating