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FlippersFlippersDiscordIcon.webp are a tool which allow the player to swim across water, which offers another way to traverse to different locations on the island. Flippers do not allow the player to dive; you need the snorkel for that!

Flippers (Discord Icon)


In order to unlock the flippers crafting recipe, the player must complete the "Finding Flippers" quest, under The-Right-Tools symbol.png The Right Tools. In order to craft the flippers, you'll need the following items: 1 Strap & 1 Fins. The net can be crafted at Chococat’s crafting bench in Seaside Resort.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Flippers N/A Legendary Strap (1)

Fins (1)

Fast Flippers Upgrade

The Fast Flippers.png Fast Flippers crafting recipe will randomly spawn when the player uses their Watering Can to water a Rainfall Flower.png Rainfall Flower.