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The Snorkel allows the player to dive under the water, offering another way to traverse to different locations on the island and complete certain quests, including Rainbow Reef. The snorkel can be crafted after completing the "Deep Diving" quest.


Snorkel (Discord Icon)

In order to dive with the snorkel, the player must use the righthand snorkel controller to shift their depth in the water. The player can dive until they run out of stamina. Stamina can be increased with a Stamina Apple. The snorkel cannot be used in shallow water.


The snorkel recipe is unlocked after helping Kuromi Kuromi-Icon.png in the "Deep Diving" quest. In order to craft the snorkel, you'll need the following items: 10 Rubber , 2 Spark , and 2 Ingot . The snorkel can be crafted at Chococat-icon.png Chococat’s crafting bench in Seaside Resort.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Snorkel N/A Legendary Rubber (10)

Spark (2)

Ingot (2)