Fast Flippers

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Fast Flippers

Fast Flippers.png Fast Flippers are an upgrade to the FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers tool which increase the speed of swiming and diving in water. FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers do not allow the player to dive; you need the snorkel for that!


The Fast Flippers crafting recipe will randomly spawn when the player uses their Watering Can to water a Rainfall Flower.png Rainfall Flower. In order to craft the Fast Flippers, you'll need the following items: 1 Flippers and 50x Raindrop.pngRaindrop. The Fast Flippers can be crafted at Chococat’s crafting bench in Seaside Resort.

Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Fast Flippers N/A Legendary Flippers (1)

Raindrop.pngRaindrop (50)