Small Gift Big Smile (Quest)

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"Small Gift Big Smile" is an "Around The Island" quest that is unlocked when the player reaches friendship level 1 with My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody.

Quest Description

"Deliver gifts to your friends around the Seaside Resort."

Small Gift Big Smile (Quest)-Desc.png

Quest Information

The player will meet My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody at Small Gift Big Smile in Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort. My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody will ask the player to deliver gifts to the characters around Seaside_Resort_Icon.png Seaside Resort.

There are 5 welcome gifts that the player must deliver for this quest: Badtz-maru's_Welcome_Gift.png Badtz-maru's Welcome Gift, Hello_Kitty's_Welcome_Gift.png Hello Kitty's Welcome Gift, Tuxedosam's_Welcome_Gift.png Tuxedosam's Welcome Gift, Chococat's_Welcome_Gift.png Chococat's Welcome Gift, and Pochacco's_Welcome_Gift.png Pochacco's Welcome Gift. Each gift has the quest tag and one other tag that matches the character's likes.