Mystery Seed Capsule

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Mystery Seed Capsule

Mystery Seed Capsules are "Rare", usable items that can be opened from the Inventory in the same way as Character Gift Boxes. The player receives a Mystery Seed Capsule at friendship levels 3, 5, and 7 with Wish me mell (icon) Wish me mell. The player can also win them in the mini game Crane Craze.png Crane Craze, which is unlocked during the "Beyond The Blooming Door" quest.

When opened, players will receive 4 flower seed packets in default colors. Mystery Seed Capsules will only contain flowers with the Meadow Icon.png Meadow Tag, which includes the bellbutton (icon) Bellbutton, dandelily (icon) Dandelily, penstemum (icon) Penstemum, and tulias (icon) Tulias. Players will not receive their native meadow flower in capsules. To obtain those flowers, all the player needs to do is plant wild Seed (icon) Seeds in Merry Meadow (icon) Merry Meadow.

If a player does not receive all of the default colors from Wish me mell (icon) Wish me mell and is unable to win more Mystery Seed Capsules from Crane Craze.png Crane Craze, the rest can be obtained either through cross-type breeding if possible, or Multiplayer trading if not. Multiplayer trades can be arranged in the official Discord, which is linked to on the Main Page.