Rockadoodler Roundup (Quest)

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"Rockadoodler Roundup" is an "Friendship" quest and is unlocked after the player has reached friendship level 8 with Pekkle and has completed the "Open the Nature Preserve" quest. The Rockadoodle Round Up mini-game is unlocked after the player has completed the quest.

Quest Description

"Help Pekkle Restore the Rockadoodler Corral."

Quest Information

The player will meet Pekkle at Gemstone Town where he will ask the player isf they've been to the Corral before. The player will then meet meet Pekkle at the Rockadoodler Corral, in the upper region (Oasis) of Gemstone Mountain.Pekkle will explain that he wants to open up the Rockadoodler Corral again. The player must then catch 6 Rockadoodlers. Once the player has caught all 6 Rockadoodlers, they must then gift them to Pekkle. After doing so, the Rockadoodle Roundup mini game will be opened and Pekkle will gift the player a Game Ticket.