Open the Nature Preserve

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"Open the Nature Preserve" is an 'The Island Mystery' quest that unlocks the island's Nature Preserve. The player must be friendship level 2 with Keroppi and have completed the "Power Up the Gate" quest in order to unlock this quest.

The reward for completing the quest is the Bog Star Fragment. The player will receive the Net crafting recipe while completing the quest.

Quest Description

"Help Keroppi get the Nature Preserve open.

Quest Information

The player will meet Keroppi at Spooky Swamp, where he will explain his new discovery — the island's Nature Preserve! He will then ask for the player's help in opening up the Nature Preserve, by first finding the Bog Critter List, located behind the Nature Preserve. After collecting the Bog Critter List, the player must then place the Bog Critter List into it's designated location within the Nature Preserve. After that, Keroppi will then mention how the Nature Preserve has no critters; however, Badtz-maru might be able to help!

The player must then speak with Badtz-maru at his Comic and Bait shop in Seaside Resort. He'll give the player the crafting plans for the Net. In order to craft the net, the player will need the following materials: 10 Stick, 3 Thread, 1 Light Stone. After crafting the net, the player will then meet Keroppi and Badtz-maru in the bog, near the Nature Preserve, in Spooky Swamp.

Keroppi will ask the player to catch a Lily Frog with the net. Once the player has caught one Lily Frog they must donate the Critter to the Nul within the Nature Preserve. After the player donates the Lily Frog to the Nature Preserve, Kiki and Lala will appear and reward the player with the Bog Star Fragment.