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Spoilers may be contained on this page.

Aro (full size)
Birthday May 7
Relationships Wish me mell icon Wish me mell (friend)
Chico.png Chico (friend)
Lou.png Lou (friend)
Poco.png Poco (friend)
Likes Cozy Beverage (Cozy Beverage)
Location Merry Meadow Merry Meadow

Aro Aro is a friend of Wish me mell Wish me mell and is a possible island visitor. To have him as a possible visitor, the player must complete the "A Long Awaited Introduction" quest.

He can visit the player anytime if his Visitor Cabin (icon) Visitor Cabin Requirements are met. Until he reaches a Star 5-star friendship level on your island, he will assign Daily Quests, one per visit to your island. His daily gift for talking to him is Beeswax Beeswax.


"Aro is an earnest, aspiring photographer from the UK. He's direct and confident, as well as a kind, protective friend.”

Visitor Cabin Requirements

For Aro Aro to move into a Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Visitor Cabin, it must meet the following requirements:


Daily Quests
# Name Description Objective Reward
1 Atmospheric Art "I hear you like photography too. Can I see some of your work?" Take a selfie in the Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp Increase Star Rating
2 Tea Time Treats "A good afternoon tea really needs sweet treats to be complete." Cook Strawberry Shortcake (image) Strawberry Shortcake Increase Star Rating
3 Sweet Wishes "I don't have much more time for my vacation... can you deliver something for me?" Give Wish me mell Wish me mell Tropical Gift.png Tropical Gift Increase Star Rating
4 Agile Angling "I hear the fishing around the Merry Meadow is wonderful. Have you caught anything lately?" Catch a fish with the Meadow Icon.png meadow tag Increase Star Rating
5 Fun with Flowers "Which flower is Wish Me Mell's favorite? I'm not sure which to give her..." Give Wish me mell Wish me mell an item with the Flower (tag icon) flower tag Increase Star Rating