Daily Quests

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Daily Quests symbol

Daily Quests are quests that refresh daily at 6:00 am GMT (7 am GMT - Daylight Savings Time). Daily Quests are given to the player by Island Residents and Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitors. Many events reward extra event currency for the completion of a Daily Quest.

There are only ever 4 Daily Quests a day, and one is always the same My_Melody-Icon.png My Melody quest ("Gift Shop"). Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitors get priority for the 3 other quests as long as an event does not take up a slot. If more Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitors are visiting than can offer quests, the ones that cannot offer quests will usually stay longer to try again the next day.

Island Resident Daily Quests

Island Resident daily quests increase friendship with the character. If at max friendship, the quest rewards a Character Gift Box.

Island Visitor Quests

Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitor daily quests increase the star rating of the visitor. Each Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitor can offer a series of 5 quests. Once an Visitor Cabin-Icon.png Island Visitor is at 5 stars, they stop offering quests and will offer to become permanent residents if talked with.