Espresso Machine Repair

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"Espresso Machine Repair" is an ''Friendship Quest' quest that is unlocked when the player reaches friendship level 11 with Hangyodon and has completed the "When You Fwish Upon a Fish" quest.

Quest Description

"Get the Comedy Club's Espresso Machine up and running again."

Quest Information

The player will meet Hello Kitty in the Hello Kitty Cafe in Seaside Resort, where she will express to the player that she wants to repair the Espresso Machine inside her shop. Kuromi will be attempting to fix the machine; however, they seem to be struggling to do so and Pompompurin will reveal that she broke his Dessert Machine. Hello Kitty will ask the player to retrieve some spare parts from the Espresso Machine at the Comedy Club.

The player must then speak to Hangyodon, who will explain that his cabinet is locked — but Keroppi is bringing over his keys! Hangyodon will then have the player give him some advice for his jokes while they wait forKeroppi. Badtz-Maru-Icon.png Badtz-maru will then appear to listen to Hangyodon practice. Finally, Keroppi will arrive to unlock the coffee bar. Once speaking to Keroppi, he will explain that the box of spare parts is nowhere to be found. The player must then retrieve the Toolbox from the Sunken Ship.

The player must then meet Keroppi at the Sunken Ship. After speaking to Keroppi, the player must then find the Toolbox. After finding the Toolbox, the player must then speak to Keroppi once again. Once the player has told Keroppi that they found the Toolbox, they must then return to Hello Kitty — where they will see Chococat trying to help fix the machine. Chococat will use the spare parts from the Toolbox to finalize his repairs.

After the repairs are finished, Hello Kitty will give the player 1 Candlenut, 1 Pumpkin, 1 Cinna Bloom, and 1 Toasted Almond to brew a drink for Kuromithe player can brew any drink; however, with the ingredients Hello Kitty gave, the player can brew an Spicy Pumpkin Latte. After brewing the drink, the player must then gift it to Kuromi.