Heavy Nettle

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All primary heavy nettle colors in a patch on Mount Hothead.

The Heavy Nettle is a type of flower and is the wildflower of Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead. Completing the "Fiery Flowers" quest while Chico.png Chico is a moved-in resident unlocks Mount Hothead's flower plots. Wild SeedIcon.png Seeds planted in Mount Hothead plots become a heavy nettle.

Its default color is orange. Other colors can be obtained through crossbreeding. When fertilized, it has a chance of gaining an Ombre Pattern Black.png ombré pattern by default.

Flower Information
Heavy Nettle.png
Heavy Nettle
Seed Packet Seedling Tags
Heavy Nettle seed packet (image) Heavy Nettle seedling (image) VolcanicIcon.webp Flower Icon.png
Default Color(s) Native Biome Other Biome(s)
  Orange Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain
Default Pattern Other Patterns Rarity
Ombre Pattern Black.png ombré Trim Pattern Black.png trim




Image Name Tags Rarity Materials
Heavy Nettle Candle.png Heavy Nettle Candle FireIcon.webp Flower Icon.png VolcanicIcon.webp Rare Beeswax.png Beeswax (5)

Heavy Nettle.png Heavy Nettle (5)

Rare Candle.png Rare Candle

(any pattern color)

FireIcon.webp Flower Icon.png Gem Icon.png Rare Beeswax.png Beeswax (5)

Heavy Nettle.png Patterned Flowers (5)

Heavy Nettle Flower Crown.png Heavy Nettle Flower Crown Flower Icon.png Rare Thread.png Thread (5)

Heavy Nettle.png Heavy Nettle (15)

Side Ribbon Bow.png Side Ribbon Bow

(any color and/or pattern)

Cloth Icon.webp Uncommon Ribbon.png Ribbons (15)

Heavy Nettle.png Flowers (5)

Ribbon Bow.png Ribbon Bow

(any color and/or pattern)

Cloth Icon.webp Uncommon Ribbon.png Ribbons (15)

Heavy Nettle.png Flowers (5)

The following are examples of crafted heavy nettle items.


Like other flowers, it is possible for heavy nettles to gain all flower colors through breeding. Refer to the "Crossbreeding" guide on the Flowers page for full details.

For colors that require color transfer only, the player should crossbreed any color of heavy nettle with a patterned flower from another type. The flower should have the desired color as its primary color, not its pattern color. For example, a red & white ombre Dandelily Flower - Red and White Ombre.png dandelily can possibly transfer its red color when crossbred with heavy nettles.

Solid Colors
Image Base Color Mix


Image Tint Color

(Mix Base + White)

red   Red color transfer only warm pink   Warm Pink
coral   Coral Red + Orange blush   Blush
orange   Orange default color or
Red + Yellow
peach   Peach
yellow   Yellow color transfer only cream   Cream
lime   Lime Yellow + Green pistachio   Pistachio
green   Green Yellow + Blue mint   Mint
teal   Teal Green + Sky seafoam   Seafoam
sky   Sky color transfer only cloud   Cloud
blue   Blue color transfer only ice   Ice
indigo   Indigo Blue + Violet periwinkle   Periwinkle


Red + Blue lilac   Lilac
magenta   Magenta Violet + Hot Pink cool pink   Cool Pink
hot pink   Hot Pink color transfer only pink   Pink
white   White color transfer only

The following are what orange (the default color) and white look like with the default pattern, ombre. The default pattern has a 1% chance of appearing with each application of FertilizerIcon.png Fertilizer to a non-patterned flower.

The following are examples of what the heavy nettle looks like with a transferred pattern.