Mount Hothead

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Mount Hothead Map.png

Name Mount Hothead
Symbol Mount Hothead Icon.png
Location Northwest
Fast Travel Stops Fast Travel Icon.png Mount Hothead, Hot Springs, Caldera, Upper Ruins Entrance
Additional Areas Red Hot Ruins
Visitor Cabins 4

Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead is a volcanic island home to a series of complex, interweaving tunnels, minecart tracks, and puzzle temples — including the Red Hot Ruins. A broken surfboard sits on volcanic rock near the ocean.

After the player has completed the "Fiery Flowers" quest, they will be able to plant Seed Seeds in the flower plots around the Mount Hothead, which will grow in to Heavy Nettles.


The following characters are characters that generally reside in Mount Hothead. Characters that pass through Mount Hothead, such as Cinnamoroll-Icon.png Cinnamoroll, are not listed here.


Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko begins her vacation near the entrance of the Red Hot Ruins. Later, she stays near the Hot Springs of Mount Hothead.

Regional Finds

Image Name Tags
Magmiter Magmiter Critter Volcanic Rare
Fumefly Fumefly Critter Volcanic
Grubble Grubble Critter Volcanic
Geyser Grub Geyser Grub Critter Volcanic
Lady Bean Lady Bean Critter Volcanic
Stampeedle Stampeedle Critter Volcanic
Tigersnoot Tigersnoot Critter Volcanic
Tigersnoot Eruptoad Critter Volcanic Rare
Image Name Tags
Tiny Armored Bass Armored Bass Fish Volcanic
Tiny Bottlefish Bottlefish Fish Volcanic
Tiny Bottlefish Burning Perch Fish Volcanic Rare
Tiny Bottlefish Flying Springtail Fish Volcanic
Tiny Bottlefish Golden Loach Fish Volcanic Rare
Tiny Bottlefish Magma Clamfish Fish Volcanic Rare
Tiny Bottlefish Shower Springtail Fish Volcanic Rare

*Note: The Shower Springtail.png Shower Springtail can only be caught during Aquatic Rain.

Image Name Tags
Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard Currency
Iron Iron
Cinna Bloom Cinna Bloom Fire
Magma Bloom Magma Bloom Fire
Toasted Almond Toasted Almond Fire