Tuxedosam’s Dye Upgrade

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"Tuxedosam’s Dye Upgrade" is an 'The Right Tools' quest that unlocks the ability to dye clothing at the Clothing Dye Station . The quest is unlocked once the player reaches friendship level 5 with Tuxedosam and has completed the following quests: "Open the Nature Preserve", "Re-Haunt the Spooky Swamp", and "Comic Relief".

"Tabled Treasure" and "Hidden Treasure" are sub-quests for the "Tuxedosam’s Dye Upgrade" quest.

Quest Description

"Figure out how to use the Clothing Dye Station with the help of Tuxedosam."

Quest Information

The player will meet Tuxedosam-Icon.png Tuxedosam at Tuxedosam's Shop in Seaside Resort. When talking to Tuxedosam, he will showcase his new addition to his shop — Tuxedosam's Dapper Dye Parlor (aka Clothing Dye Station)! He will then ask the player to located Dye Pouches, hidden in locked chests, with the assistance of Badtz-Maru-Icon.pngBadtz-maru and Kuromi-Icon.pngKuromi.

When speaking to Badtz-Maru-Icon.pngBadtz-maru at the pier, he will explain that he is currently using the locked chest as an table for his shop; however, if the player brings him a new table from My Melody-Icon.png My Melody, he'll give the player the chest. The player must then got to Small Gift Big Smile to pick up Badtz-Maru-Icon.pngBadtz-maru's table and return it to him. After giving the table to Badtz-Maru-Icon.pngBadtz-maru, the chest will now be unlocked and inside will be a Black Dye Pouch.

When speaking to Kuromi-Icon.pngKuromi at Spooky Swamp, she will have a Nul lead you to the hidden locked chest. After opening the locked chest, inside will be a Red Dye Pouch.

After retrieving both dyes, the player must then head back to Tuxedosam's Shop and give the dyes to Tuxedosam. Tuxedosam will gift the player a Violet Dye Pouch and the Clothing Dye Station will now be unlocked.