Aquafall Machine

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A player posing at the Aquafall Machine.

The Aquafall Machine Icon.png Aquafall Machine, also called the Aquafaller, is a structure located to the right of the Kelp Maze Fast Travel Icon.png fast-travel point, in the northeast side of Rainbow Reef Icon.png Rainbow Reef, next to the Dune Lagoon.

The player will unlock the Aquafall Machine Icon.png Aquafall Machine while completing the "Rain or Shine" quest. After completing the quest, the player will unlock weather on the island, where it can be either Raincloud.png raining or Sun.png sunny! The Aquafall Machine Icon.png Aquafall Machine will occasionally activate, making bubbles as it causes rain to fall somewhere around Friendship Island. The player does not need to be near the machine for it to activate.

Raincloud.png Rain

Rain lasts 15 minutes, and what appears during the rain depends on where it rains.

Rainfall Flower.png Rainfall Flowers will appear during rain in the Rainbow Reef Icon.png Seaside Resort, Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp, or Merry Meadow Icon.webp Merry Meadow. When watered using the Watering Can.webp Watering Can, they produce Raindrop.pngRaindrops. There are 15 flowers per rain period. They do not regenerate with the use of Island Bouquet.png Island Bouquets. If the player was somewhere else during a weather event, the spawns will stick around until another weather event in that region occurs!

In Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain, rain makes the Soaking Slugler.png Soaking Slugler appear.

In Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead, the Shower Springtail.png Shower Springtail can be found in the Hot Springs and along the coast.