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The ultimate goal is to complete 9 goals related to obtaining Tools! The player can access their Collections application via the Tablet in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tools Collection Icon

List of Objectives

Image Name Description Related Quest
Sensitive to Crystals "Craft the Crystal Sensor" Power Up the Gate
Capturer of Memories "Collect the Camera" Gudetama Snap
Fisher of Fish "Craft the Fishing Rod" Keep It Reel
Surface Swimmer "Craft the Flippers" Finding Flippers
Catcher of Critters "Craft the Net" Open the Nature Preserve
Waterer of Plants "Craft the Watering Can" Flower Power
Diver of the Depths "Craft the Snorkel" Deep Diving
Breaker of Rocks "Craft the Pickaxe" Revive the Oasis
Bubbler of Wildlife "Craft the Bubble Wand" Magic Bubble Wand