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Delve into the culinary delights of Friendship Island! Gather ingredients from its lush landscapes, create mouthwatering dishes in your kitchen, and share the love by gifting your creations to Island Residents.

Region Closest Fast Travel Box Station Owner
Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort Resort Plaza Oven Icon.png Oven Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty
Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain Gemstone Town Soda Machine Icon.png Soda Machine Pekkle-icon.pngPekkle
Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain Oasis Dessert Machine Icon.png Dessert Machine Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin
Rainbow Reef Icon.png Rainbow Reef

Seaside Resort Icon.png Seaside Resort

Comedy Club

Resort Plaza

Espresso Machine Icon.png Espresso Machine Hangyodon-Icon.png Hangyodon

Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty

Mount Hothead Icon.png Mount Hothead Mount Hothead Pizza Oven Icon.png Pizza Oven Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko
Spooky Swamp Icon.png Spooky Swamp Spooky Swamp Cauldron Icon (Cooking).png Cauldron Kuromi-Icon.png Kuromi
Cloud Island Icon.png Cloud Island Cloud Island Plaza Candy Cloud Machine.png Candy Cloud Machine Kiki-Icon.png Kiki & Lala-Icon.png Lala
Gemstone Mountain Icon.png Gemstone Mountain Oasis Egg Pan Station Egg Pan Station Pekkle-icon.pngPekkle

To complete goals such as the Chef Goals Collection, Chef Goals II Collection, or Recipes Collection, you MUST make each recipe at least once. If there are alternative recipes that produce the same result, those must be made as well.