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If you're a new player, welcome to the game! This page tries to explain some of the basics of how the game works.

Your Character

Player Character Creation

When you start the game, you'll be greeted by Hello Kitty-Icon.png Hello Kitty, who will ask if you're ready for your vacation at Big Adventure Park. After that, she'll let you know that you have enough time to freshen up.

Next, you will access the Character Creation Page. There are many options, including 4 different species of animal avatar and a few basic pieces of clothing. If you want to randomize your appearance, roll the dice with the dice icon towards the bottom left side of the screen. Feel free to play around! You will be able to change your character's appearance at no cost and as often as you like later.

After you finish choosing your appearance, the story begins as you meet your new friends on the airplane.

See the "Player Character" page for more details on all of the options.


Moving around in the game is hopefully fairly straightforward. Using the directional pad (or left side of the screen), you can direct your avatar's directional movement. Using the jump button (or right side of the screen), you can jump.

As you go to exit the plane during the opening scene, Hello Kitty hands you Balloons Icon.png Balloons. Holding "jump" while jumping from a higher point to a lower point causes the balloons to deploy, allowing you to float gently towards the ground.

If you want to fall faster, you do not have to use the balloons! There is no way to cause damage to your avatar. You will safely land even if falling from a great height. If you fall into something unsafe, like water before you can swim, then you will be teleported out of the hazard to safety.

The other buttons on the lower right side of the screen are used to interact with the world. They may change or disappear in different situations, so check them often to avoid choosing an option your did not want by accident.


There are various Tools that you can unlock as you progress through the story. Some of the tools include the following:

  1. Camera Icon.png Camera: This allows you to take selfies in the game. Selfies can be taken just for fun, but you can also help Pochacco-Icon.png Pochacco by taking snapshots of Gudetama Icon.png Gudetama all around the island. The Gudetama Sign Image.png Gudetama Sign gives rewards as you get more snaps!
  2. FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers: These let you swim across the top of the water. Before you make them with Keroppi-icon.png Keroppi's help, water will be a big barrier to your progress!
  3. Snorkel.webp Snorkel: This allows you to dive into the water. You will need to become better friends with Kuromi-Icon.png Kuromi in order to find out how to make your own.

Tools like the FlippersDiscordIcon.webp Flippers give you always-active abilities without needing to be used, but ones like the Camera Icon.png Camera need to be selected for use. To change your selected tool, click the dotted while circle to the left of the button that shows your currently selected tool.


A player and Keroppi diving together. The yellow stamina wheel is shown above the player's head

Stamina is a resource used to explore the entirety of Friendship Island. Stamina is not required for walking or swimming above water, but it is required for diving and climbing. You can see your Stamina usage when diving and climbing as a yellow wheel above your head.

All players start off with one full wheel of stamina. However, this can be increased by collecting five Stamina Apple Slices and crafting a Stamina Apple.

Certain Companion Abilities and the Stamina Recharge Potion can affect stamina use, as can certain multiplayer friendship abilities. The mermaid outfit pieces can significantly reduce stamina loss when diving while equipped.

The Story

Story progress is done mainly through quests. Most quests also require you to have a certain level of friendship with specific characters.


The Island Residents are originally comprised only of the people who arrived at Friendship Island with you on the plane. You can befriend every one of them. Increasing your friendship can unlock new quests, Companion Abilities, recipes, furniture, and more.

Friendship can be increased by completing certain quests for your friend, but the main way of raising friendship is to give them gifts. You can give each of your friends 3 gifts per day (with an additional 3 gifts only if you use a Friendship Bouquet or Friendship Blossom). In return, they give you their unique return gift, a useful material of some type. How many return gifts you get is the best indicator of how effective your gift was at raising their friendship!

Because quests are closely tied to friendship levels, the daily limit on gifts can also limit how many quests you can get to in a single day. If you run out of quests to complete and gifts to give, consider collecting materials for the next day's gifts or exploring the world.

What makes a good gift can be more complicated than it looks. Check the Character Gift Guide for more details and also for gift recommendations for every character at different levels of progress in the game.


Quests are tasks and stories that you can gain access to as you befriend more Island Residents and become better and better friends with them. Through them, you can gain new tools, make new friends, find new places, and slowly unravel the mysteries of Friendship Island.

The Daily Quests and Weekly Quests do not contribute to the story, but they do help you raise friendship with characters or have other benefits, like giving Event currency during certain events.

While some quests give you access to new things, not everything you need to do to progress is in a quest! Sometimes, you need to act on your own initiative to find your way forward. For example, the areas where Pekkle-icon.png Pekkle, Pompompurin-icon.png Pompompurin, and Retsuko-icon.png Retsuko end up only need a determined explorer to be reached.

Inventory & Applications


The Inventory Icon.png Inventory contains all items that you currently own, excluding ones that you are currently using to decorate Visitor Cabins. The different tabs are used to separate different types of item, and tabs are further sorted by item rarity.

The Inventory has no maximum number of an item you can own. If you have 1000+ of an item, the game knows how many you have, but it can only show up to 999 in the inventory. Because there is no cap on how many items you can own, there is also no item or feature used for item storage. Any chests are entirely decorative.

Certain items, like the Island Bouquet, Friendship Bouquet, Character Gift Boxes, and Potions, are usable. Usable items like those are only usable from inside the inventory.

Menu Tablet

Main screen of the Tablet Menu.

The Tablet Menu_Tablet_Icon_.png in the upper right corner of the screen allows the player to access a variety of menus and features within the game via "applications."

The applications include ones for Quests, Friends, Visitors, Daily Rewards, Collections, and more. It is your main method on checking on things around the island, such as seeing which friends can still receive gifts or checking what quests are currently available.

See the "Menu Tablet" page for more details on the menu features.

Other Functions


Each device can have up to 3 separate save files on it, accessed by clicking on the floppy disk icon on the title screen. Each save is a completely separate game file with no shared progress. If you have cloud saves enabled, all saves are shared across all devices that use the same iCloud account.

Cloud saves are not required. Playing offline, either temporarily or permanently, is also possible. If you play offline and go back online, be sure to choose to use the device save to overwrite the cloud save when prompted.

If playing online in multiplayer mode (which is not required to complete any story quests), different saves with the same iCloud access can play with each other across devices.

Pairing a Bluetooth Controller

This game can be played entirely via touchscreen, but certain things may be easier to do using an external controller. Often, controllers for other game consoles are also compatible with an Apple device, so you can try playing with, for example, a Switch's joy-cons if you do not have other Bluetooth controllers.

To pair a Bluetooth controller to your device, you need to do the following:

  1. Press and hold the appropriate button or buttons on the controller to put it into pairing mode. (This will vary from controller to controller. Please check the controller's documentation if you do not know how to do this.)
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on your Apple device, and enable Bluetooth Discovery if it is not already enabled.
  3. Select the controller from the list of nearby devices.

If you need further assistance, please visit: